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Keyba Careers is dedicated to helping young people prepare for the workforce to increase their opportunities and get the best out of work and life.

Founder, Colin Wilson, is passionate about working with organisations and people to help them reach their full potential to succeed. It is his drive and passion that makes him such an influential speaker.

Carina Wilson, our Brand Ambassador, completed her scored VCE in 2017. With a passion for retail, she started applying for jobs at leading fashion stores in Melbourne. Carina completed the Employer Engagement program; with Colin’s mentoring and guidance she landed the job of her dreams.

Colin and Carina are available to speak to students of secondary schools and universities, parents, career counsellors and council events to give industry insight of the skills required for the world of business today and beyond. For more information contact us on 1300 4 ADVICE or

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About Colin Wilson:

As a successful business owner, Colin Wilson, is passionate about taking businesses from Good to Great! As well as building a profitable company of his own, Colin has led countless of organisations to success, by helping them reach their full potential, which is why Key Business Advisors have been in operation for over 10 years.

Like many young people out there, Colin didn’t come from a wealthy background. Rather, at the age of 17 years old, he was forced to get a job to support himself. Immediately faced with the unknown world of work, Colin quickly came to know the all too familiar challenges that young people go through today but without the pressures of social media.

Colin’s experience of starting out on his own at a young age, to becoming a successful business man, is what led him to his next journey in life where he has dedicated his time to helping disadvantaged youths, increase their opportunities and to give them the best chance at life. The success rate, over the 4 years that Colin worked with these young participants, is what has inspired the creation of the Keyba Careers ‘Employer Engagement Program’.

Colin believes it is our corporate social responsibility to close the gap between education and work to give the younger generation, our future workforce, the support and guidance they need to increase their opportunities in work and life.

As a presenter, facilitator and Certified Chair, Colin engages his audience through his passion and drive, inspiring them to aim high and reach their full potential to succeed. His thought-provoking approach encourages the audience to self-reflect and think about what they really want out of life. Colin’s journey resonates with young people as he wasn’t given a silver spoon at a young age or wasn’t encouraged to go to university. Instead, his determination and persistence are what has truly paid off.

More Information

  • Colin is an engaging speaker who’s passion and drive resonates with his audience.
  • Colin is a successful business owner who is dedicated to not only helping SME’s to reach their full potential but also raise awareness to these organisations of their corporate social responsibility to give young people the support and guidance they need to increase their opportunities in work and life.
  • Coming from a middle-class background, without being handed a silver spoon, Colin proves that anything is possible to achieve as long as you are persistent and work hard for what you want.

  • The Keyba Careers Journey
  • Skills that Matter
  • How to Get a Job
  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Recruitment Process
  • The ‘Employer Engagement Program’

Colin Wilson, Director and Founder of Key Business Advisors drives his company to success through his passion, determination and motivation.
Over the last 10 years, Colin has directed his company in assisting many SME’s to reach their full potential in sales and customer service, which has seen their business grow to become more successful and sustainable.

Colin is the go-to resource for businesses who are looking to motivate and invigorate their staff to achieve their business goals. Under the Key Business Advisors brand, Colin has developed his own training programs in Strategic Sales and Strategic Leadership which are unlike other ‘off the shelf’ programs. Colin’s years of experience, expertise and sales driven mentality allows him to tailor these programs to suit your business needs which is how he takes businesses from Good to Great.
With his energetic, motivating and results-driven approach, Colin has been featured as a speaker for many organisations such as City of Moonee Valley Council, City of Brimbank Council, Telstra License Association, Strata Community Australia and Community work for Tee-Up for Kids Foundation.

Colin’s passion and commitment is what drives him in growing and taking companies to the next level that is why he is a certified chair for Advisory Board Centre.

For the past five years, Colin has also dedicated some of his time and services to YouthNow, a not-for-profit organisation that provides career and transition services to young people from highly disadvantaged backgrounds to advance their education, training and employment outcomes.
Through working with YouthNow, Colin has founded a new company, Keyba Careers, which has developed an online program called the ‘Employer Engagement Program’ to help numerous young people better position themselves to secure employment.
Colin strongly believes it is our corporate and social responsibility as a business owner to support the youth of today in securing employment to better our future.

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