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Kaelee, aged 20 years old, has a love for animals and her passion is to help animals in need. Her dream career would be to work with animals on a regular basis, like in a rescue home or working for the RSPCA.

Prior to joining Cool Young Recruitz, Kaelee struggled to find a job and was unemployed for 12 months. She handed in her resume to countless organisations but never received a call back. Finding a job was extremely difficult, everywhere she had applied told her that she needed more experience.

“How am I supposed to get experience if I can’t get a job?”

This year of looking for work and not finding any, really effected Kaelee’s confidence in ever being able to find a job.

The she discovered Cool Young Recruitz.

As part of the Cool Young Recruitz part-time employment, each member was required to complete Keyba Careers ‘Employer Engagement Program’. This helps to develop an understanding of what employers expect in the workforce and to hone a young person’s skills in applying for a job. The Employer Engagement Program is focused on helping you to secure employment and become Job Ready!

Kaelee decided to take the program and after completing it online, Kaelee now understands what’s expected of her in the workforce. She knows how to successfully apply for a job and how to present herself to future employers.

The Employer Engagement Program showed Kaelee how to improve her resume and tailor it, along with a cover letter, to each job she was applying for. With her new resume and cover letter, Kaelee immediately started applying for jobs with a whole new wave of confidence.

Kaelee feels as though she is now really prepared for the workforce and knows what to expect in the recruitment process. She has practised her answers in the interview and is confident of her success moving forward.

“I’m pretty relieved to have finished the program because now I’m more confident in knowing what employers are looking for and I’m excited about getting another job. I have applied for a lot of places now after I re-doing my resume. Before the program, I had a resume and simple cover letter and just thought employers would get back to me, but now I’ve realised they need a more direct cover letter targeted to the company you’re applying to, and that I need to follow them up. The program will help you to become more confident in applying for a job and as far as interviews go, it has really helped me understand what businesses are looking for.” – Kaelee


P.S. Since completing the program, Kaelee has commenced full-time employment in an Admin Assistant role on the 29th of August.

The Employer Engagement Program isn’t just about writing a resume or a cover letter, it’s all about discovering what employers expect of you in the workplace, to give you that added boost of confidence when applying for a job and securing employment. If you want to stand out from the crowd and open doors to more opportunities then enroll in our Employer Engagement Program now!