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Saadia migrated from Sudan in 2016 and faced the challenge of understanding how we work and do business in Australia, not to mention adapting to a new lifestyle. With everything being new to Saadia she did not feel comfortable or confident in applying for jobs.

In May 2018, now 18 months since she arrived in Australia and with no success in finding a job, Saadia commenced at Cool Young Recruitz as an Office Administration Assistant, under-going a three-month contract to gain work experience and valuable training.

The short-term contract with Cool Young Recruitz was Saadia’s first job in Australia, she was excited to be part of the program and took part in the Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program.

It was difficult for Saadia at first, she found the program a bit confusing, however with the expertise and assistance of a Cool Young Recruitz trainer, Saadia found it all falling into place, particularly when it came to planning and applying for a job.

The program encouraged Saadia to think about her next steps, her goals and what she needed to do to find employment. Saadia felt answering the questions within the activity books of the program very helpful as she was able to process her thoughts and that made her think through what she needed to do to be successful in her mission to find a job.

Having completed the Employer Engagement Program, Saadia now feels way more confident and understands Australia and how we do business. With her new-found confidence Saadia is prepared and feels she is job-ready. She has applied for several administration positions and is very positive about the outcome.

Saadia also now recognises the importance of ongoing training and education and is keen to study further short courses.

“It’s a great program and I found it to be very helpful, particularly for people like me who are new to the country.”

Applying for a job and securing employment can be overwhelming for most people, but more so for those who don’t understand the Australian way of doing business.
The Employer Engagement Program is an invaluable tool that will not only guide you through the recruitment process, but provide you with an insight of what to expect in the workforce and what others expect of you.

P.S. Since completing the program and developing her career plan, Saadia has decided enroll in a Cert III in Dental Assistance for a course starting 2019.

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