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Sienna finished her VCE in 2017 and wanted a career in visual merchandising or buying.  She applied for courses hoping to be accepted in 2018.  Sienna thought it would be a good idea to get a job in Retail, so she could get experience of how it all works in the fashion industry. Sienna put together her resume to distribute at her local shopping centre.

Sienna knows Colin Wilson, Director of Key Business Advisors and Keyba Careers and asked for help.  Colin suggested that rather than go and “spray” her resume out, why don’t we look for fashion industries that have a career path for visual merchandising and buying opportunities?  If Sienna gets a job in Retail, and there are growth opportunities, that would work better for her.  Together they researched three companies that applied to Sienna.

They decided, rather than spray her generic resume to the fashion industry, to just focus on 3 brands she likes that she could see herself working in.  Sienna applied online and walked into each store at her local shopping centre where she asked for the manager to hand in her resume.  The managers were not there at the time, but a staff member in Roger David said that they were looking for casual employment and to come back in an hour to meet his manager.

Sienna returned to the Roger David Store and greeted the manager with her resume.  The manager looked at her resume and what appealed to her was the fact she gave 5 reasons why she would like to work for Roger David.

In summary her reasons were:

  1. Roger David is a well-known brand that has been trading since 1942
  2. Roger David clothing are trendy and appeals to her age bracket and male friends
  3. Roger David can give her a career path in Visual Merchandising or Buying in the future
  4. Roger David’s head office is in Church St, Richmond which works for Sienna if the opportunity arises
  5. Sienna is prepared to study and work as many casual shifts that Roger David are prepared to give her, including weekends.

At this point the manager said, “so you want to work for Roger David?”  Sienna said yes, the manager took a shirt off the rack and handed it to Sienna and said, “Sell me this shirt!”  At that point Sienna tried to make a good go of it but blew the opportunity.  The manager was happy that she tried, but Sienna needed to understand how to sell garments if she is to get a job with Roger David.  The manager said, let me think about this and I will call you.  Sienna left the store disappointed and called Colin.

At the time this occurred, the Keyba Careers Employer Engagement Program was in the final stages of release, but Colin had Sienna go through the program.  Sienna knew she blew the opportunity about the way she sold the garment to the manager at Roger David.  As she went through the program she identified what she could have done better.

Two days later Sienna received a call from the manager at Roger David asking to come in for a formal interview.  The manager spoke to her regional manager, and they decided to give Sienna another opportunity, so they made a time to meet the following day.  This time Sienna was well prepared for the interview with a list of questions.  Colin suggested to Sienna to apologise to the manager about the way she sold the shirt to her and asked if she could do it again.  Sienna took full ownership and was well prepared this time round.

The interview was a success, and what nailed the job was when the manager of Roger David asked Sienna the following: “Do you have any questions for me?”  Sienna responded, “Yes, I do. What are my KPI’s, or how am I measured on performance in this role?”  At this point the manager said, “I have never ever been asked this question from a young person like you!”  The manager explained what the KPI’s were and ask Sienna, how do you feel about this?  Sienna said, “as long as you train and help me, I will give it my best shot!”  Sienna was offered the job and has started her career at Roger David.

The above case study is what the Keyba Careers Employer Engagement Program is all about.  Young people of today need to be street-smart on how they apply for a job to start a career.  Sienna was lucky to get a second go at an interview, but if she did not give her 5 reasons why she wanted to work for them and explain that to the manager, perhaps the second interview would not have happened.  If you want that competitive edge, enroll in our Employer Engagement Program now!