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Steve Burton

How Steve Engineered his Path to Success through the Employer Engagement Program


Steve felt as though he had tried everything. Job interview after job interview and he just couldn’t catch a break. He was on the treadmill of the unemployment system and he basically felt like he was not really getting a chance.

He felt as though he was running out of chances, he had managed to secure another interview and didn’t want to blow it. Steve knew it was time to take action, get off the treadmill and get some real advice and help that would start to shape a path to kick-start his career.

Enter Colin Wilson and the Employer Engagement Program.

Steve met Colin Wilson after embarking on the YouthNow program. Steve participated as a trainee in the “Employer Engagement Program”. This program answered so many questions Steve had had about where and why he was going wrong. Now so many things seemed to make sense and it was through the Employer Engagement Program that Steve really began to see the light.

The Employer Engagement program gave Steve a great understanding of the recruitment process and what he needed to do to be successful in an interview. The program provided him with all the tools he needed, showed him what businesses were looking for in an employee and coached him through the interview process.

Now he understood about the recruitment process and what good customer service was, he had a handle on how to sell himself and just how to behave in the interview. Armed with this new information, confidence and an excellent resume, Steve was ready for his next interview.

And he landed it.

Steve succeeded in the interview and found an awesome job at Gilbert Telstra, a job which he is passionate about and he is determined to push himself further to management level. Excelling in his sales role, Steve is driven to prove himself within 6 months, he has continued to demonstrate success in his position under the guidance of his peers. Steve couldn’t be prouder – having achieved the highest average sales person, amongst other admirable achievements.

Meeting Colin and participating in the program, Steve says, it has changed the course of his entire life. With the success of his new position, he purchased a brand-new Mustang and is driven to further excel in his career and his life in general.