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Having left school in Year 10, 17-year old Yeabsera completed a General Education Course at TAFE. This basic course lacked interest for Yeabsera and he became despondent and dispassionate about things in general. He wanted work however, and started applying for jobs, but due to his lack of confidence and lack of experience in applying for jobs, Yeabsera was not successful and slowly began to lose all hope.

After several knock-backs, Yeabsera began to develop a negative attitude, he had not heard back from any of the jobs he had applied for and his hopes of ever finding a job were dwindling fast.

“It’s hard because you’re competing against so many people and everyone wants experience these days”.

Luckily for Yeabsera, he heard about Cool Young Recruitz and decided to see what it was all about. He completed the Keyba Careers Employer Engagement Program and began to change his attitude and understanding of the recruitment process. Formerly lacking in confidence due to no work experience, he had no concept of what employers expected in the workplace.

Then things began to change, Yeabsera worked with Cool Young Recruitz for three months. Through this process he realised he needed a better understanding of what it is like to be in the workforce. Cool Young Recruitz helped prepare Yeabsera for the workforce and guided him in preparing his resume.

Now that Yeabsera has completed the ‘Employer Engagement Program’ he is a lot more confident in applying for a job. Yeabsera is keen to get into the workforce, he has gained confidence and is equipped with a convincing resume. With what he learned through Cool Young Recruits and the Employer Engagement Program, Yeabsera realised that your resume and cover letter need to be tailored to the specific job ad you are applying for. He now understands the different skill-sets that are needed for different industries such as hospitality and retail. The program has opened his eyes to the different stages of the recruitment process and what to expect in the workplace, so now he is better prepared.

Yeabsera has set his goals and is ready to start kicking them. He now knows what his dream career is and has set the path that will get him there. His immediate focus is to gain part-time employment in retail while undergoing a new training course in nursing. Yeabsera has set his sights on a career in the health sector and his part-time work in retail will support him through his studies.

Yeabsera is enthusiastic, excited and full of confidence. His journey with Cool Young Recruitz has shown Yeabsera that all it takes is a bit of support, determination and know-how in order to succeed in the workforce. With his updated resume and cover letter, Yeabsera is job-ready and eager to apply for positions because he is prepared and understands what to do and say in an interview and how to better present himself to future employers.

“Anyone thinking about doing the program should give Keyba Careers a go as it will open up your horizons to new opportunities and strengthen your chances of finding a job.” – Yeabsera

P.S. Since completing the program, Yeabsera has commenced his Cert II in Community Services.

Finding a job is hard for anyone, especially for those who are new to the workforce.
The Employer Engagement Program will not only teach you the valuable skills and knowledge of what to do in the recruitment process, but will also help you learn about what to expect when you secure employment and teach you skills that will last a lifetime. Don’t waste anymore time and start your journey today by registering to The Employer Engagement Program now!