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Prior to joining Cool Young Recuitz, Yasmyn was unemployed, feeling bored and lost having finished her VCAL studies at St Joseph’s FLC North Melbourne. Over the summer break Yasmyn was working as a kitchen hand on a casual basis but was keen to find full time employment.
Yasmyn was inspired to join Cool Young Recruitz for a 3-month contract to gain work experience and training.

“It’s easier to find a job while I am working in a job”.

As part of the program, Yasmyn participated in Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program. She found the program gave her good insight into the employer’s mindset. Particularly learning more about the interview process and being prepared for her interviews giving her more confidence going through this process. Yasmyn says she learnt a lot from the practical exercises of the program, such as mystery shopping which was an “eye-opener” for her, taking note of her customer service experience.

Now that Yasmyn has completed the program she is confidently applying for roles in admin, hospitality and retail industries.

P.S. Since the program, Yasmyn has been successful with getting casual employment as a Library Assistant.

Many students are unsure of what they want to do after they complete school and this online program doesn’t just teach you the skills you need when securing employment, but will give you valuable insights that will open your doors to more possibilities.
The Employer Engagement Program will kick-start your career journey by helping you discover what your goals in life are, along with developing your career plan to achieve those goals.
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