Keyba Careers is committed to support marginalised young people into meaningful community engagement, whether it be volunteer or paid work.

We know it is more difficult for young people with a disability to access targeted and practical information that supports career readiness and foundation skill building. We strongly believe the Keyba Careers’ program can help numerous young people upskill themselves to find meaningful work.

The Program

The ‘Employer Engagement Program’ (EEP) is all about teaching people to be more confident when seeking and applying for the right job for them.  It teaches them exactly what employers are looking for in today’s market. The barriers to meaningful work is a challenge for many individuals with mental ill-health and disability. Our program has been designed to break-down those barriers by introducing a smoother transition into the workforce. Although the program has a focus on young people, the information and training throughout is also relevant for a higher age bracket looking for meaningful work.

Our goal is to help these people to understand the key principles to find work and the steps they can take to help them develop their self-worth, fulfill meaningful goals, and work towards building greater independence. In this way, we make the implicit expectations of the workforce quite clear and explicit.

NDIS Providers

If you are a registered provider with NDIS and looking for a point of difference in the support line items you already offer within Capacity Building, we believe there is tremendous opportunity for our program to be used as a training resource and add value to your services. We have made the program affordable, as we want to make it as accessible as possible and fit within an NDIS package, knowing that those with psycho-social disability often have limited resources. It can be purchased as a stand-alone item from a consumables budget for those with an NDIS package, to complement the work your direct support workers undertake with them.


The EEP can also support Disability Employment Services and Jobactive Program. Contact us today to find out how this program can assist the work you already do by supporting your client’s goals in seeking a meaningful role.

Additional Support
To support the program and your Support Coordinators, Keyba Careers provides “Train the Trainer” professional development workshops. Contact us to find out more about ‘Train the Trainer’.


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