Multiple Open Positions at Planet Smoothie

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Chief Operator (Kiosk Manager)

We are looking for a full-time Chief Operator (Kiosk Manager)We need someone who can motivate the new team so they’re giving 100% customer service to everyone, while also developing them to be the best Smooth Operators possible.

Melbourne will host the first EVER Planet Smoothies to open on Australian shores, so we’re looking for an extra special team to help grow and develop the brand, while also helping recruit and train the right people to join the business. Store Management or Team Leader experience in retail or hospitality is essential – to read more, click on the button below.

Blending Captain (Assistant Kiosk Manager)

We need someone who can support the Kiosk Manager in prepping the new team, training them to provide top quality customer service, and being the best weekend and weekday Smooth Operators they can possibly be. Experience in a leadership role in either retail or hospitality is a must. To read more about this fantastic opportunity, click on the button below.

Smooth Operators (Customer Experience & Smoothie Makers)

We need a whole new crew of casual Smooth Operators (Customer Experience & Smoothie Makers). Planet Smoothie is all about enthusiasm, teamwork, and passion, so we need you to be excited about providing top-quality service to everyone who walks through the door, as well as delicious drinks that have them coming back for more. To apply, please click on the button below.

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