Keyba Careers for International Students

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For international students and migrants, adjusting to a new culture and environment is exciting, but it can be also challenging and overwhelming at times. Particularly understanding how we work and do business in Australia.

The Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program (EEP), is an industry-based educational training program, created to equip our international students and migrants with the knowledge required to transition into the Australian workplace.

The EEP is an invaluable online tool used to gain an understanding of how the recruitment process works, including resume writing, cover letters, how to apply for a job and succeed in an interview.

Available in over 100 different languages!

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We understand the pressures that international students and migrants face when moving to a new country especially when it comes to learning a new language. That’s why the Keyba Careers website can now be translated into over 100 different languages. This enables students/ migrants to switch the program from English to their native language, reinforcing their learning and further developing their deeper understanding of how to do business in Australia.

Education and Training

Education and training is paramount for International students and migrants to gain a competitive advantage and gain insight into Australian culture. The EEP is a unique training resource where students will gain current industry knowledge of the Australian workplace, employers expectations and an insight into the recruitment process. Read More>>

Find out how the Keyba Careers program assisted Saadia who migrated to Australia . Read More>> 


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