Keyba Careers for Parents

Parents – How can we help your child?

In today’s economic environment it has become increasingly more competitive to find a job.  Finding the right job and knowing how to conduct yourself in an interview is very challenging for our young community.

This program has been designed to take the mystery out of getting a job and to empower young people of today to be job ready. They will learn ‘street-smart’ tips, giving them the confidence to speak to business owners and demonstrate the right behaviours employers want to see.

Gaining long-term employment is tough, but we equip them with everything they will need. Through our program, young people will come to understand the employment strategies of different industries, they will be better aligned with the employer and therefore in a better position to succeed. They will gain an understanding of what business is about and what employers expect from their staff in today’s current job market.

Your child will learn how different types of businesses operate, how they attract customers, the importance of profit and the value of staff members’ contribution to the bottom line. The program will also show them how to present well in the interview.

We pioneered this program with trainees from YouthNow and 75% of them found a job. Because of the success, we have developed this online training program to reach far more young people in our community.
If you feel your child needs some assistance in this area, encourage them to do Lesson 1. It’s free, and it might be enough to entice them to complete the rest of the program!  Register Here!

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