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The Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program (EEP), launched in March 2018, is an industry-based educational training program, designed to better prepare our young people in Australia for work and life.

“Schools should play a major role in equipping young people with the skills and capabilities that will enable them to succeed in the future of work. However, to do so, diversifying opportunities for learning beyond traditional approaches to schooling is critical. Closer engagement with industry partners who can provide the expertise, resources and real world contexts to support students’ learning is a key way for education systems to address this issue.” (Torii 2018, Mitchell Report No.2, p.vii)

Closing the Gap

At Keyba Careers, our mission is to close the gap between industry and education. We are very passionate about educating our young people with the industry skills required to succeed in today’s workplace. As business owners, we don’t believe our young people get enough education or the opportunity to learn the street-smart ways of doing business before they enter the workforce. Thus, we have created a unique, online course for our young people to develop transferable skills needed to succeed in the recruitment process when they transition to life after school.

The Program

Work Experience

The ‘EEP’ is all about teaching young people to be more street-smart when seeking and applying for the right job for them.  It teaches them exactly what employers are looking for in today’s market, thereby giving them a competitive edge that will assist them to take that all-important first steps in attaining their first real job.  The program has been developed from an employer’s point of view through our experience working closely with countless organisations throughout our eleven years in business at Key Business Advisors, and understand a different side to the recruitment process, which is our point of difference.

The materials we have within the program have been developed through our industry training workshops. The skills learnt are transferable for all age brackets and can be used in everyday life. However, we have targeted the program to young people to better prepare them for work and life and we know it will also be very beneficial for migrants and international students as it will give them insight into the Australian workforce and what employers expect in the workplace.

Additional Support


  • Keyba Careers provides “Train the Trainer” professional development workshops to support career professionals implementing the program within your school.
  • Our industry experts can speak to students on a number of topics including:
    – What employers want from their employees
    – How to hunt and fish for that desired job to start your career
    – How to perform in an interview to win the job
    – How to network and profile yourself through LinkedIn

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