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Our Employer Engagement program will get you ready to chase the career of your dreams!

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For International Students

The Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program (EEP), is an industry-based educational training program, created to equip our international students and migrants with the knowledge required to transition into the Australian workplace.

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Recent Articles

Wyndham Learning Festival – ‘The Future of Work’ : Panel Discussion

As part of Wyndham Learning Festival, Wyndham City Council invited a panel of experts from business, government and education to share their thoughts on the future of employment. Key Business Advisors and Keyba Careers were part of this event held at Werribee Plaza Library on the 6th of September, 2019. Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business […]

Doing Unscored VCE? This course can help you become job-ready!

According to a research conducted by a leading psychologist, ‘VCE could make depression, anxiety worse among kids as the exams coincide with teenagers when they are most vulnerable.’ With the rising rates of anxiety some students are seeking alternative pathways such as ‘Unscored VCE’, to deal with exam stress. Studies have shown that a good […]

YouthNow at the Victorian Learn Local Awards 2019

Learn Local providers across Victoria offer a wide range of training programs to meet the learning needs of individuals. They have been instrumental in transforming lives through quality education and training specially designed to their needs. The Victorian Learn local Awards are held annually to recognise the efforts of people that ‘transforms lives through community […]