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For International Students

The Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program (EEP), is an industry-based educational training program, created to equip our international students and migrants with the knowledge required to transition into the Australian workplace.

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Recent Articles

How to Get a Job!

Finding a job isn’t always easy! It takes time and patience to find the right job for you. Before you start looking for employment, you must first determine what you’re passionate about or at least start with a job that you think you will enjoy. When it comes to finding a job, it’s important that […]

Youth Unemployment in Australia

Finding a job after finishing high school or university is becoming more competitive due to the changing landscape of work. In today’s world, millennials are more educated, tech savvy and connected than ever before but even those with university degrees are struggling to find employment… So, what does this mean for those young people who […]

The Brainary – The Human Rights Game

Our friends and clients of Key Business Advisors, The Brainary, have released a new children’s game which focuses on teaching human rights at a young age.  In a world that is more connected than ever before as a result of globalisation, this game could not be timelier. Founder of the Brainary and creator of this […]

Resumes – What NOT to Do!

Having a good resume is extremely important when looking for a job, however, would you believe that many people struggle to write a good resume. There are so many different formulas of what people suggest is the right or wrong way when creating a resume however, one thing for sure, is that there are definitely […]