Industry Speakers

Are you searching for a speaker from industry to equip your students for the world of work?

At Keyba Careers, Lorraine Wilson and Colin Wilson, the Founders, have had the privilege of speaking at numerous secondary schools and tertiary education, sharing their industry insights and job readiness skills. With 15 years of experience as business owners, our speakers offer a unique perspective, providing practical advice from the viewpoint of business owners and sharing real-life industry case studies.

Our presentations can be customised to meet the specific needs of your students, whether they are seeking or preparing for their work placements or subject selection. These sessions deliver valuable industry information, giving young people insights into the world of work and equipping them with the necessary knowledge for seeking employment, whether it’s part-time, casual, or full-time work. Students will gain an understanding of various important aspects, including:

• The skills in demand and how to demonstrate them in an interview
• Expectations in the workplace
• Preparing for employment
• Understanding the recruitment process
• How to prepare for a successful interview
• How to sell yourself in an interview
• The value of networking in creating job opportunities
• Tips for effective references
• Where some people get it wrong
• Effective communication skills
• Mock interviews

If your school or organisation aims to support your students with industry guidance and tips to help them transition into the workforce and prepare for life after school, please contact us today. Call 1300 4 ADVICE or email