Videos – Career Strategies

  • Episode 1 – Having a resilient mindset

    In this episode Colin Wilson, Founder of Keyba Careers and Sacha Kaluri, Motivational Speaker, join forces to give real tips on career strategies for young people. Episode 1 is all about having a resilient mindset.

  • Episode 2 – Resume Revamp

    Colin and Sacha talk about how to revamp and refine your resume, in the second episode of “Careers and Strategies”.

    Remember to bring your personality into your resume. If you have never had a job before, there is still always something you can write. Make it stand out.

  • Episode 3 – The power of your cover letter

    A cover letter, otherwise known as a motivation letter, is a letter of introduction accompanying the resume document. A cover letter is a 1-page letter introducing yourself to the person or organisation who is offering the job for which you’re applying. Remember, it is equally as important as your resume and should be enticing.

  • Episode 4 – Be Reference Ready!

    On Episode 4 of “Careers and Strategies”, Colin and Sacha talk references!

    A referee is a person who can vouch for your skills, qualifications and characteristics. A potential employer most likely will ask to speak to your listed referees as verification. This is why it is so important not to make them up!