What is DiSC Personality Profiles?

Have you ever wondered why connecting with some people is easier for you than with others?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you relate better to those who focus more on teamwork and providing support.

Or, maybe you’re more comfortable working with people who take a more easy-going approach than those who analyse every single detail.

Or, perhaps you relate best to people who are more warm than sceptical.

This is what you will discover from completing The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile for yourself.

The DiSC® model is a tool that helps people to connect better. The report uses your individual assessment data to provide a wealth of information about your workplace priorities and preferences. You will also learn how to connect better with people whose priorities and preferences differ from yours.

What does this mean and Why should I do a DiSC Profile?

The insights you gain by doing your DiSC Profile will help you stand out from the crowd in an interview.  How? By learning more about what comes naturally to you and what might be challenging when interacting with others and gaining strategies when you interact with others.

What will you learn from a DiSC Profile?

  • Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others
  • Gain insight into your own behaviour and understanding of others
  • Learning about other people’s DiSC styles can help you understand their priorities and how they may differ from your own
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Learn how to prove to your potential employer that you understand how to work in a team

What will you receive?

DiSC Personality Profile -Map

  • A personalised, 20-page profile
  • In-depth self-discovery
  • Appreciation for differences in works styles
  • Strategies for successful interactions

How we work

  1. Contact us to order your DiSC profile
  2. We will email you with a link to complete an online questionnaire
  3. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive the profile via email the next business day
  4. We will set up a 15-minute phone consultation with one of our professionals to gain feedback and discuss the result of your profile


$250.00 incl-GST

Contact us today to arrange a DiSC Personality Profile for you!

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