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Are you seeking employment?

Whether you’re looking for casual, part-time, or full-time work, an internship, a traineeship, volunteer opportunities, a graduate position, or an apprenticeship, Keyba Careers has tailored courses and services for you!

Catering to individuals at various stages in their career journey from those completing secondary school to university graduates, experienced professionals, or newcomers to Australia.

At Keyba Careers, we are dedicated to helping people prepare for the workforce, increase their job opportunities, and get the best out of work and life.

Job seekers

Unifying and educating the diverse ‘umbrella’ of job seekers is what we do.

Regardless of your experience level, career objective, or age, the importance of being able to secure and maintain employment stays the same.

Designed for maximum results, all our programs teach transferable skills for all industry backgrounds.

Keyba Careers is committed to supporting marginalised individuals through meaningful community engagement and employment opportunities.

We also offer support and often correspond with Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Educators, and NDIS providers.

Young People – Secondary & Uni Students

Employment is important! Working gives us a sense of belonging and connection to others. It provides fulfilment, achievement, opportunities and financial security. In today’s competitive market, however, it can be challenging for young people to get the opportunity to enter the workforce. Whether your goal is to kickstart a career, or, you just want to earn some extra cash, now is the time to set yourself up for success. Read More

International Individuals & Students

Australia is known to be an immigration nation. Did you know almost half of our current population was either born overseas or has at least one parent born abroad? Entering a new culture and environment is something you should be very proud of! Although, understanding how to navigate business in Australia can be overwhelming and challenging. Read More


We understand the frustration that experienced and passionate professionals may feel when facing difficulty in securing employment. It’s important to not lose confidence! We know what employers are looking for and we’re here to support you. Read More

Parents & Guardians

As parents/guardians, we only want the best for the young people in our lives! It can be tricky to personally prepare teens/young adults for the workforce, especially if they are anxious or lack motivation. Keyba Careers is here to take the pressure off parents and guardians! Read More

Teachers & Educators

At Keyba Careers, our goal is to close the gap between industry and education. We are very passionate about educating young people with the industry skills required to succeed in Australia when it comes to work and life. Read More

Disadvantaged Individuals & Young People

We recognise that unfortunately, not everyone grows up with the same opportunities. Those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds may not have strong support networks around them, such as families or friends, who can offer them career or employment advice. Read More

People with Disability & NDIS Providers

Being a part of a business, corporation, operation or group can boost the confidence, sense of belonging and achievement of individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, people with disabilities face additional challenges. Work can be a challenge for many individuals with physical, developmental, psychosocial, behavioural/emotional disabilities and sensory impairment. Read More