Example Position Descriptions

Have you ever applied for a job or thought about a certain profession but you’re not sure of the duties, responsibilities or expectations involved? When employers advertise a role, they will provide an overview in the ad, but they may not always provide a detailed job or position description upfront.

We have created a library of example position descriptions (PD) across a broad range of entry-level and graduate roles to give you a basic understanding of what these jobs entail. Our example position description will provide a general overview. Of course, all position descriptions vary from organisation to organisation as not one job is the same. However, these generic position descriptions will provide you with a good indication of what’s involved so you are more equipped by having a better understanding of what you are applying for.

What’s included in a PD?

A position description should include the purpose of the role, the key duties and responsibilities. It should also list the experience, skills and competencies required for the role and personal attributes. This information will help you decide if this is the type of job you would like to do or build towards.  


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable goals or objectives that the business would like to achieve.  It is a target for teams to aim for to help businesses move forward. In a Performance Review, you will be assessed on your performance based on the Key Performance Indicators. 

What do you enjoy doing?

If you enjoy working on the tools within a skilled trade, we have an example PD for an Apprentice Builder, Electrician, Mechanic, Plumber or Smash Repairer.

If you love interacting with people, sales and developing customer relations you may want to look at the Call Centre, Customer Service or Sales Assistant PD. And if you have a passion for fitness, we have a PD for a Personal Trainer

Within an office environment, we have example PD’s for a Receptionist/Office Admin, Marketing, IT or HR Assistant and also a Graduate Accountant if you enjoy numbers.

Complete the form below to download the PD that interests you. Once you read up and learn more about what’s involved in the relevant job, what will you do to prepare for an interview?

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