People with Disability & NDIS Providers

Being a part of a business, corporation, operation or group can boost the confidence, sense of belonging, and achievement of individuals with disabilities.

Unfortunately, people with disabilities face additional challenges. Work can be a challenge for many individuals with physical, developmental, psychosocial, behavioural/emotional disabilities and sensory impairment.

Taking this into consideration, it has been our focus to offer a smoother transition into the workforce, to those who may face daily challenges with their disabilities.

When designing our programs, a priority was for our content to be broken down into focused topics, so everyone has the opportunity to understand, absorb and complete our courses.

We teach the key principles to find work, fulfil meaningful goals, and work towards building greater independence. Ensuring unspoken expectations of the workforce are quite clear and explicit. We encourage all of our programs to be completed at the pace of each individual, with an option for the context to be read out loud to them if they choose.

NDIS Providers

If you are a registered provider with NDIS and looking for a point of difference in the support line items you already offer within Capacity Building, our courses can be used as a training resource and add value to your services. Making our programs as affordable and accessible as possible, to fit within an NDIS package. Offering programs as a stand-alone item from a consumables budget for those with an NDIS package to complement the work your direct support workers undertake with them.

Our programs also support Disability Employment Services and Jobactive Program.

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