Disadvantaged Individuals & Young People

We recognise that unfortunately, not everyone grows up with the same opportunities.

Those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds may not have strong support networks around them, such as families or friends, who can offer them career or employment advice.

Additionally, they may not have connections to find employment, like others do.

At Keyba Careers, we are passionate about educating and upskilling disadvantaged individuals, supporting them to step into the workforce, by improving their employability skills. Keyba Careers offers industry-based educational programs and services, designed to better prepare people in Australia for work and life.

Founders of Keyba Careers, Colin Wilson and Lorraine Wilson spent several years volunteering to help the non-profit organisation Youth Nowhttps://www.youthnow.org.au/, by developing and facilitating a training program to help young people secure a job of their choice, achieving a high success rate. With the success of the program, Lorraine and Colin then developed Keyba Careers, in 2017, enabling us to reach a greater community.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to connect with others and feel empowered at work, in an industry they have an interest in.

Learn more about how our product and services can help disadvantaged people in our communities.