Parents and Guardians

Empowering Young Minds for Workforce Success

As parents/guardians, we only want the best for the young people in our lives!

It can be tricky to personally prepare teens/young adults for the workforce, especially if they are anxious or lack motivation.

Keyba Careers is here to take the pressure off parents and guardians!

Our short courses are designed to alleviate the pressure on you and take the mystery out of getting a job.

We bring a wealth of current industry knowledge, experience and training to equip young people with the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Teaching practical tips, our goal is to help individuals build on their confidence to speak to business owners and demonstrate the right behaviours employers want to see.

We aim to help as many young people secure employment as we can. Working with business owners and staff over the last 15 years at Key Business Advisors gives us a powerful understanding of business and the qualities employers seek in their staff members.

Parents and guardians – Explore the Keyba Careers courses or services to find the best fit for your child/young person. If you are seeking further help, contact us today!