About Keyba Careers

Let’s summarise: What is Keyba Careers?

Keyba Careers is a business dedicated to closing the gap between education and industry, helping people find employment in the industry of their choice and ultimately developing their careers. This company was established in 2017 and has been initiated by Key Business Advisors.

Who are we and Why can we help? (the short version)

In 2008, Colin and Lorraine Wilson founded and established Key Business Advisors (KBA). KBA focuses on supporting businesses from all types of industries across Australia offering a range of services through the following four pillars: Business Strategy & Growth, People & Culture, HR Advice & Support and Sales Training.

Working with business owners, managers and staff on a daily basis, we understand the needs of businesses and what they want from their staff.

Colin Wilson has always had a passion for helping young people. This inspired him to form a partnership with the not-for-profit organisation YouthNow in 2014. After the high success of developing and facilitating a training program to help young people secure a job of their choice at YouthNow, Lorraine and Colin decided to launch Keyba Careers in 2017 enabling us to reach a greater community.

How can we help?

Keyba Careers offers industry knowledge, experience, and training through our range of courses and services, to ultimately assist you to get that job you are seeking.

Our Courses:

Each course has been developed with the objective of growing your confidence and professionalism to be job-ready.

Choose which one suits you best.

  • Our crash courses are broken down into simple and easy-to-digest lessons and topics. Including engaging videos, and easy-to-download recap booklets providing a summary of the course.
  • Each course has a 1-year time frame to be completed. This is so you can complete it at your own pace, whilst being promoted to achieve employment within the year!
  • We’ve designed each course to be accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our Services:

We apply our 16+ years of expertise and training to how we approach our services.

Each of the services we offer supports our pursuit to educate and train people seeking employment, giving them the confidence to network, apply, and perform well in a job interview and enrich their professionalism.

  • All our services begin with a telephone or digital face-to-face consultation so we can understand your needs and situation.
  • Depending on which service you choose, we will have an in-depth discussion and start the action plan.

Take a look at our range of services.

Who we can help?

When we founded Keyba Careers, our focus was helping young people aged between 17-29 years old seeking employment. Since our launch in 2017, we are proud to have people of all ages participate and engage in our courses, services, and training.

We now have an expanded range of services and short courses to cater to all ages and needs, because employment knowledge and communication skills are for everyone! Additionally, we also offer 1:1 services and live training, to meet your personalised needs and tailor our training to your situation.

Our Vision, Mission + Purpose

Mission – Our mission is to empower people to be job-ready!

Vision – Our vision is to drive a deep sense of belonging, fulfilment, and accomplishment for individuals in our community as they find employment opportunities that align with their sense of purpose.

Purpose – Our purpose is to educate and empower people across Australia, equipping them with professionalism and confidence to excel, network, and open up career opportunities for themselves.

Who are we and Why we can help? (the long version)

To help you better understand what Keyba Careers is about, we’d like to tell you about our story.

Established in 2008 by Colin Wilson, together with his wife Lorraine Wilson, Key Business Advisors (KBA) provides professional services to help take businesses from good to great. To achieve this, KBA offers a range of services through 4 pillars:

Business Strategy & Growth

People & Culture

HR Advice & Support

Sales Training

It’s through these services we take our customers on a journey to help them improve their business through all aspects of employee engagement and performance.

In 2014, Colin proudly partnered with YouthNow which is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in career and transitioning services for young people.

Led by Colin, KBA voluntarily developed a program called the “Employer Engagement Program”. Colin’s program and training proved to be successful, and so to ensure the sustainability and continued success of the program, we converted it to an online training program.

KBA was very fortunate to receive a local government grant from the City of Moonee Valley in June 2017. It was with this grant the program was converted to an online platform. This is how “Keyba Careers” came to fruition.

How has Keyba Careers developed since 2017?

Since we established Keyba Careers, our values have stayed the same – to empower people to be job-ready.

Although, our target audience has broadened slightly. In the beginning, our focus was on ‘young people’. The age group of young people can vary, but to us, this meant people aged 17-29.

Colin and Lorraine Wilson Keyba Careers

We use the term ‘young people’ less now, as this term may not resonate with everyone. Keyba Careers strives for inclusivity and wants to highlight that our programs and services have been designed for real people with passions, dreams, and ambitions (even if these three things have been tucked away).

The first product we brought to our shelf was our ‘Employer Engagement Program’, otherwise known as our ‘EEP’. It was a program broken down into 7 parts. We received tremendous feedback on our EEP and are grateful for each and every participant we were able to impact.

Taking into account the different needs our participants may have, in 2023 we re-engineered and amplified the content from our EEP into multiple smaller, short courses, to pinpoint what our consumer’s objective is.

We embrace room for refinements, growth, and improvements as we adapt to new markets and needs. Seeing each refinement as a stepping stone to success for us and our participants. We are proud of Keyba Careers and its future.

Today, Keyba Careers’ programs and services are available Australia-wide, with the purpose of educating and training people.

We hope to see more people job-ready, with confidence and understanding of professionalism to network and land employment!