Our Founders – Let’s put a face to the name

Lorraine Wilson - the Founder of Keyba Careers

Lorraine Wilson

In 2008, Lorraine Wilson, along with her husband Colin Wilson, founded Key Business Advisors (the parent company of Keyba Careers). Over the past 15 years, Lorraine has taken on the role of overseeing all business operations, processes, communication, and events. Her focus has been on providing solid support through sound business strategy, with a continuous emphasis on enhancing KBA’s services, creating compelling marketing strategies, and developing training materials.

Starting in 2014, Lorraine and Colin began collaborating with YouthNow through both partnership and volunteering. This collaboration led to the establishment of Keyba Careers in 2017. Lorraine’s primary goal has been to empower individuals to become job-ready.

With a passion for supporting individuals in their personal and professional development, Lorraine brings a unique perspective to the table, providing young people with practical tips from a business owner’s point of view.

Lorraine has engaged with students across various secondary schools, ranging from Year 9 to Year 12 as well as tertiary students. Through these engagements, she shares her industry expertise and provides guidance on honing job readiness skills.

Through industry networks at Key Business Advisors, Lorraine connects job seekers to jobs and students with workplaces.
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Colin Wilson - the founder of Keyba Careers

Colin Wilson

Since developing and founding Keyba Careers, Director, of Key Business Advisors – Colin Wilson, has focused on Key Business Advisors, while Lorraine Wilson drives Keyba Careers. However, Colin is still very much involved in Keyba Careers, attending career expos, and presenting at industry engagement seminars and schools. To find out more about Key Business Advisors, visit the KBA website!

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