Top Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Have you ever been asked during an interview “Do you have any questions?” This is your time to take power and demonstrate your interest and initiative.

An interview is truly just a conversation and should be a two-way street. As much as the interviewer is trying to establish if you’re a good fit for the job, you need to determine if the position and company is a good fit for you.

Having a list of questions will reflect your motivation and interest in the position. It shows that you’re diligent and have gone to the effort to prepare for the interview.

Preparation is the first essential step for a successful interview. There are many things you can do to prepare for the interview. Planning a list of questions to ask during, or at the end of the interview should be one of those things. Help yourself in putting your best foot forward.

Here are our top questions you can ask in an interview:

The Culture

  1. How would you describe the culture of the organisation?
  2. What do you (or the staff) like best about working here?

This will give you an idea of how well you will fit in.

The Role

  1. What are the challenges of this role?
  2. What qualities are needed for someone like me to stand out in this role?

Understanding the challenges of the job will help determine whether you really want the job, and it shows your willingness to succeed.

Employee Assessment

  1. What are your expectations for this role within the first 1-3 months?
  2. How will my progress be measured?

This demonstrates that you’re motivated to be successful and you want to thrive in your role.


  1. How are new staff onboarded here?
  2. What type of training will be provided in my induction?

This proves your enthusiasm to be successful right from the start, and it shows how much support you will get.

Career Development

  1. What is the typical career path for this position?
  2. What training is available to explore new skills?

This shows your willingness to grow and develop outside the current job and as a person.

Company Vision

  1. What’s your vision for the business?
  2. Where do you see this company in the next 2-3 years?

This demonstrates whether the business has a strategy plan, goals, objectives and a pathway.  It displays your interest in their business needs.

Interview Process

  1. Can you explain what the next step is after this interview?
  2. When do you expect to make a decision?

This is important so you’re not left wondering when you might hear from them next. Understanding this will manage your expectations.  



Focus to ask open-ended questions, as this will help build rapport between yourself and the interviewer. Avoid questions that require a yes/no answer. The more engaging your conversation is, the better.

Don’t ask about the salary

The one question to avoid asking is the salary, at least at the first interview. This can be discussed at a different time. You don’t want to be seen to be only concerned about money rather than the potential opportunity.

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