The Importance Of Showing Customer Service Skills In A Job Interview

The Importance of Showing Customer Service Skills in a Job Interview

All businesses rely on their customers to help keep them going. Paying customers keeps staff paid and helps the business grow. No customers, no business. 

For this reason, providing excellent customer service to our clients is crucial. In business, we want our clients to return to purchase more products or services. This is called repeat business. We also want those happy customers to tell their friends and family about the great service that was provided to generate new business and new customers. This is how businesses survive and grow.  

Every business owner wants their staff to provide excellent customer service, ensuring their clients or customers are happy with the service or products provided. They want their staff to provide a great experience when delivering on their client’s expectations. This minimises the risk of customer complaints, losing business and customers not returning. Or worse still, their customers tell other people about their bad experiences. As we know, it’s very easy to leave online reviews on anything you purchase or a service you experience. When these reviews are not great, they can damage the business’s reputation and discourage customers from buying.

When applying for a job and in an interview, employers want to see that you are keen to deliver excellent customer service for their business. They will ask you questions to determine whether you are focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. They will also want to know how you have resolved customer complaints in past roles.

Even if you do not deal directly with the general public, you will have to interact with the people you work with. An interviewer will be eager to find out how you work with your colleagues and how you provide assistance to support your team members.

What Customer Service Skills To Demonstrate In A Job Interview

In your job application and the interview, you need to demonstrate that you:

  1. Have a can-do attitude to serve customers and be passionate about helping them
  2. Are focused on listening to the customers’ needs or issues
  3. Are customer service-driven and an effective team member to support others
  4. Will go above and beyond!

Providing excellent customer service involves having a solid plan to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations. To find out what it takes to provide excellent customer service and leave a “WOW” factor at your next interview, download our “10 Steps to Providing Excellent Customer Service”.

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Provide Customer Service Examples In Your Job Interview

For the reasons mentioned above, in an interview, you need to demonstrate your understanding of customer service and why providing excellent customer service is so important. Ensure you can provide real examples of situations dealing with people. Interviewers want to hear of examples you have experienced, not hypothetical ones.

Be ready to provide examples of great customer service you have provided or experienced and poor customer service you have experienced. They may ask you to provide an example of how you have dealt with a difficult customer. What was the issue, how did you overcome this, and what was the outcome?

Learn How To Deal With Irate or Angry Customers

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