7 Positive Body Language Tips To Help You In Your Next Job Interview

Positive Body Languaget to help you in your next job interviewThe way you present yourself might be the difference between getting that ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ at a job interview.  Throughout an interview, not only will you be evaluated on your verbal communication, but the interviewer will also be reading your body language and making assessments based on the nonverbal signals. The signals shown through your body language play a big part in how you present yourself in an interview, and understanding body language can go a long way towards a successful interview.

Whether your interview is conducted face-to-face or via video conference, here are a few tips on  how positive body language can help you in your next interview:


  1. Greet With A Smile

It costs nothing to smile.  A smile shows that you are friendly, open to engaging with others and willing to interact. In an interview, a friendly smile shows that you are excited about the role and are keen to have an open conversation.

  1. Maintain Good Eye Contact

A good interviewer can read your excitement through your facial expression, especially through eye contact. Always maintain good eye contact with your interviewer throughout the entire interview. Having good eye contact with the person you are speaking with also demonstrates that you can hold a direct conversation when answering or asking questions.

  1. Posture

Whether your interview is held face-to-face or via video conference, ensure you sit upright the entire time. Sit up straight and don’t slouch or lean to one side or on your elbow. If using a camera, be prepared and set it up where you can be seen and position yourself with good posture so that you’re ready to start your interview.

  1. Don’t Fidget

It’s okay to be nervous. Try and breathe to relax yourself and make sure you don’t fidget, as this could be a sign of nervousness or uncertainty. You need to remain calm, hold your posture and composure, and demonstrate your willingness to engage with your interviewer positively.

  1. Nod Through Facial Expressions

When presenting yourself, answering questions or discussing your employability skills to the interviewer, remember to have positive facial expressions while smiling and nodding your head throughout the interview. This shows eagerness and positive engagement in the conversation.

  1. Look Alert And Interested 

You must always show that you are keen on the job you are interviewing for. Stay focused on the conversation and listen to the questions. If you have done your research on the company and have a list of questions you want to ask, then this is a good sign to the interviewer that you are interested.  When you are asked a question that you are unsure of, be open and honest about it and ask them to explain the question again in more detail. This shows that you are interested in the role and want to clearly understand the question to provide the best possible answer.

  1. Voice projection

When engaging, chatting or explaining things throughout the interview, make sure you show enthusiasm and confidence by using good clear voice tones. Don’t mumble, whisper or cover your mouth with your hands when speaking, as this may come across as uncertain or lacking confidence.  If you are nervous, speak slowly, clearly and pretend that you are talking to a good friend.


The interviewer can gain a lot of information from you through these nonverbal signals. It’s a combination of what you say and don’t say that will impact how you present in an interview. Ensure you use positive body language to send the right messages in your next job interview.


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