Keyba Careers

Keyba Careers was established to help young people be job-ready. We know that young people are very tech-savvy and hungry for online information, but more importantly, want to find a job and develop a career. In this competitive market, it can be tough for young people to get the opportunity they need to enter the workforce.

Since 2008, Key Business Advisors (the parent company of Keyba Careers) has worked with and supported many SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) from different industries across Australia to help them grow from good to great. Working with business owners and staff on a daily basis, we understand the needs of businesses and what they want from their employees. This is our point of difference. We bring current industry knowledge, experience, training and connection with employers to assist young people to find a job in the current marketplace and economy.

That’s why we call our online training a ‘street-smart’ program, to assist young people to develop and improve their skills to secure employment and enter the workforce. We are not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), university or education department.  You will not receive a formal qualification or accreditation when completing our program. Instead, you will learn the practical skills to be job-ready. You will gain skills not taught at school. The tips and assistance provided in this program are what we have learnt over the years and industry-relevant. You will gain an insight into the employer’s mindset and our aim is to help you understand what is expected of you as an employee in today’s current job market.


Mission – Our mission is to help young people be job ready to secure employment and empower future leaders

Vision –  Our vision is to help young people become an asset for their employer so they have the opportunity to develop into great leaders for their industry of their choice

Purpose – Our purpose is to decrease the unemployment rate in Australia through assisting young people to develop and improve their skills to secure employment