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Sales skills are not just for Sales Representatives. Sales skills are used throughout your life. For example, in an interview. Yes. You need to sell yourself in an interview. Having basic sales skills will help you secure a job and a life skill you will fall back on time and time again. This practical sales crash course covers customer service, effective sales strategies, and phone selling techniques.

In this course, we discuss three topics. 

1. Let’s break down customer service, so you can confidently discuss how to provide exceptional customer service and more importantly, know how to demonstrate this skill in an interview successfully.

2. Learn the skills needed to create an effective sales approach, understand the importance of cross-selling and upselling and discover closing techniques and objection handling.

3. The ability to sell yourself over the phone is essential for personal and career development and opening up opportunities for yourself. Learn how to convey professionalism over the phone.

Before we begin, a message from Keyba Careers.

In Keyba Careers’ Crash Course, “Setting Yourself Up for Success” we discuss mindset and shifting self-doubt.

Please take a deep breath and visualise the best version of yourself achieving your goals.

It is important to have a growth mindset throughout each Keyba Careers’ Crash Course. Believe in your ability for self-improvement and development through continuous learning, hard work and persistence.

Stay determined and resilient. Persist through setbacks, take on feedback, embrace challenges and importantly, have self-belief.

We believe in you already.

Keyba Careers!

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