Setting Yourself Up for Success

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Welcome to Keyba Careers’ Crash Course: “Setting Yourself Up for Success”.

Chances are, you’re actively seeking or thinking about employment right now. Regardless of your experience, career objectives and age, the importance of securing and maintaining employment remains the same.

We’ve designed “Setting Yourself Up for Success” to be your first step in successful employment – like a warm-up before your race.

Get excited, because there’s a lot of growth and success ahead of you!

In this crash course, “Setting Yourself Up for Success”, we break down the power of mindset and shifting self-doubt. As well as exploring your values, motivations, strengths and areas for growth. This course will help you develop a plan aligned with what truly matters to you, to help you to navigate your career.

Before we begin, a message from Keyba Careers.

It has been proven time and time again that a person’s mindset impacts their learning, growth, well-being, and success.

Please take a deep breath and visualise the best version of yourself achieving your goals.

Goals help us to move forward in life. If you are unsure of your goals, it’s okay – you will discover them throughout this crash course.

It is important to have a growth mindset throughout each Keyba Careers’ Crash Course.

A growth mindset is a strategic way to view life, challenges, and setbacks. Believe in your ability for self-improvement and development through continuous learning, hard work and persistence.

No matter your goals, appreciate the journey, milestones, growth and effort you put in to achieve results.

Stay determined and resilient. Persist through setbacks, take on feedback, embrace challenges and importantly, have self-belief.

We believe in you already.
-Keyba Careers!