Learn how to apply for a job with confidence and perform your best in an interview – Expressions of Interest

Live Online Workshop via Zoom

Applying for a job and going through the interview process can be tough. We get it! Hearing you are an unsuccessful applicant or even worse, hearing nothing at all, can be very disheartening. But don’t be dismayed and don’t let this stop you from applying for other jobs.

Preparation is key for a successful interview! To help you, join us for this online training workshop to get the ‘inside’ information from the industry experts and learn what you should be doing to help you through the interview process from the day you apply for a position! Learn how to apply for a job with confidence and perform your best in an interview.

Keyba Careers is all about empowering young people to be job-ready so they can secure employment to start a career in an industry of their choice.

Through this online Zoom Webinar, we aim to educate and support anyone looking for a job by sharing our knowledge, so you learn how to network, apply for a job with confidence and perform your best in a job interview.

Learn from the founder of Keyba Careers, Colin Wilson, a passionate business owner of Key Business Advisors who over the past 14 years has helped many companies throughout Australia recruit and onboard successful employees.

If you are a job seeker and want to learn from a Business Owner, then this interactive online workshop is for you! Learn from the expert who has trained many companies on how to recruit the best staff.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The step-by-step process for a successful interview
  • How to network and sell yourself into an interview
  • How to introduce and engage with your next potential employer (the interviewer)
  • How to present your employability skills
  • How to win over your potential employer to land the job!

Get your questions ready as we teach you how to sell yourself in the interview!

You will receive a copy of the recorded presentation (available for 7- Days) and the opportunity to ask questions to help you land that job of your choice!