Calem Gough

Calem Gough applied for a job at the Salamander Bay Telstra Store where he was introduced to the KeybaCareers Employer Engagement Program. Upon commencement of his employment at the Telstra Store he was asked to test the program and give his feedback. Calem shares with us his key takeaways from the program. He said the […]


  Saadia migrated from Sudan in 2016 and faced the challenge of understanding how we work and do business in Australia, not to mention adapting to a new lifestyle. With everything being new to Saadia she did not feel comfortable or confident in applying for jobs. In May 2018, now 18 months since she arrived […]


  Prior to joining Cool Young Recuitz, Yasmyn was unemployed, feeling bored and lost having finished her VCAL studies at St Joseph’s FLC North Melbourne. Over the summer break Yasmyn was working as a kitchen hand on a casual basis but was keen to find full time employment. Yasmyn was inspired to join Cool Young […]


Kaelee, aged 20 years old, has a love for animals and her passion is to help animals in need. Her dream career would be to work with animals on a regular basis, like in a rescue home or working for the RSPCA. Prior to joining Cool Young Recruitz, Kaelee struggled to find a job and […]


  Having left school in Year 10, 17-year old Yeabsera completed a General Education Course at TAFE. This basic course lacked interest for Yeabsera and he became despondent and dispassionate about things in general. He wanted work however, and started applying for jobs, but due to his lack of confidence and lack of experience in […]


Sienna finished her VCE in 2017 and wanted a career in visual merchandising or buying.  She applied for courses hoping to be accepted in 2018.  Sienna thought it would be a good idea to get a job in Retail, so she could get experience of how it all works in the fashion industry. Sienna put […]

Steve Burton

  Steve felt as though he had tried everything. Job interview after job interview and he just couldn’t catch a break. He was on the treadmill of the unemployment system and he basically felt like he was not really getting a chance. He felt as though he was running out of chances, he had managed […]