‘Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work.’ Report by Mitchell Institute

“Every school student in Australia can benefit from regular opportunities to engage meaningfully with the world of work across their years of schooling.”
-Kate Torii.

A report by Mitchell Institute,  ‘Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work’ is a must read. The findings within this report highlight the challenges that our younger generation are facing in terms of finding employment and is in line with what Keyba Careers is trying to achieve by connecting young people to employers and industry.

A key finding stated in the report is that the average transition time from education to full-time work for young Australians is now 4.7 years (Foundation for Young Australians, 2018). This figure shows that education alone does not guarantee full-time employment (Torii 2018, p.3).

The value of school-industry partnerships beyond the classroom


If you would like to find out more about the Mitchell Institute go to http://www.mitchellinstitute.org.au/ or to download the report, download here.