How to Get a Job!

Finding a job isn’t always easy! It takes time and patience to find the right job for you.

Before you start looking for employment, you must first determine what you’re passionate about or at least start with a job that you think you will enjoy.

When it comes to finding a job, it’s important that you set out a plan on how to get your foot in the door for a higher chance of success. Many people think that handing their resume out to heaps of different organisations will get them a job however, what they don’t realise is this can be a waste of time if you don’t follow the correct processes.

Here are the top 5 tips to help you find a job:

Know what you want!

The first step to your job search is finding out what you’re passionate about and where you can see yourself working. When you’ve finally found that right job for you, you will spend at least the next 12-18 months in that workplace. That’s why it’s important that you enjoy what you do or else you’ll be back to square one and looking for a job all over again.

The best way to find out about a job or industry is to ask the people around you. Perhaps your friends are already working in a similar workplace? You could ask them what they like and dislike about that job.

If you love being social and talking to people, then maybe a job in retail or hospitality would be an ideal fit for you as it’s face-to-face with customers every day. If you have a passion for a particular sport like golf, then maybe you could work at a golf course? The possibilities are endless!

Write out a list of jobs you can see yourself working in and start from there!

Have the Right Attitude

Now that you know what job you are looking for, it’s important to focus on your attitude! Having the right attitude is important in the recruitment process because the candidates that stand out, are the ones who are passionate and can show their potential employers what they are capable of.

Employers are prepared to invest in the right person for their business if they believe they have the right attitude and can do the job. To win their approval, you must have the right attitude to show them how you can contribute to their bottom line.

Remember, it’s ‘What can I do for the employer?’ not ‘What can the employer do for me?’

Do Your Research

Make your life easier by researching the businesses you want to apply for and create a list so you can keep track of each one. What job seekers don’t realise, is that it’s important to do your research and remember what organisations you applied for. If they call you for a job interview and you don’t remember who they are or what they do, then you will miss your opportunity.

Be prepared!

Tailor Your Job Search

Ok, so you have the perfect job in mind and the right attitude to start hunting! It’s now time to put a strategy in place to help you hunt and fish for opportunities. First, you must start with a resume and cover letter that stands out from the crowd. Second, you need to tailor both of these to the organisation you wish to apply for. You’ve already done your research, so how can you show them that you will make the perfect fit for their business? Read the job ad thoroughly to make sure you have answered all the criteria they are asking for.

See our articles about ‘What is a Cover Letter?’ and ‘How to Write a Good Resume’.

Get Experience!

It’s a competitive world out there and it’s harder than ever for young people to find a job. Almost every employer is looking for someone with work experience but don’t let that discourage you! Put yourself out there and get some work experience under your belt. Apply for internships or even volunteer your time to an organisation that works in an industry you ­­desire.

If you can’t find an organisation offering these types of positions, then just ask! The worst they can say is no and the upside is that you’re already making connections and networking.

One of the most desirable attributes to an employer is someone who is willing to work on themselves and go that extra mile. You might come across an employer who can see your dedication and passion and wants to take you under their wing. You’ll never know unless you try!

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