How To Prepare For A Successful Job Interview

By Gina Lutz HR Administrator at Key Business Advisors


When preparing for a job interview, it is essential to first review the job description and research the company you are applying to. Ask yourself, do I want to work for this organisation? What skills can I bring to this role? How can I contribute to the company’s mission, vision, and values? Once you’ve considered these questions, you should plan what questions you will ask at the interview.

What type of questions will the interviewer ask me?

You will be asked a series of questions in your interview, which will be curated around the role you are applying for. This can include behavioural, situational, motivation, and performance-based questions.

Behavioural-Based Interview Questions
These questions will help the organisation gain an understanding of how you behaved in a past situation or job role, providing them with clues about how you might perform and make decisions in a future role.

Interview Questions

Situational-Based Interview Questions
Situational interviews address specific issues and challenges that could occur in the workplace. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate how you might work through a situation and problem-solve.

Motivation-Based Interview Questions
Some interview questions will look to identify what motivates you to excel in a role and where you find job satisfaction.

Performance-Based Interview Questions
Interviewers will ask questions based on performance to find how you’ve gone above and beyond in past roles and what high performance in a job role looks like to you.

When answering these questions, it is important to provide clear and well-structured sentences. You may have heard of the STAR approach, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Responding to an interview question with the STAR response will ensure that you can provide a well-structured response whilst demonstrating that you can meet certain criteria for the role.

Ensuring you are well prepared for any interview question you are asked will provide you with the best chance of securing your dream job!


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