Fire-in-the-belly – do you have this?

[su_quote cite=”Dan Waldschmidt ” url=” “](and that makes a big difference)”[/su_quote]

“Often times you’ll hear someone make a comment about needing more “fire in the belly”.  And we all understand what it means.

More passion.  More fight.  More emotional investment.

It’s about an extra inner drive.

A burning to achieve success at any cost.

But it’s just an expression.  Just words that we toss around around to mean big things. It’s easy to talk about.  Easy to preach.

But harder to let drive your daily activity.  It’s a big attitude adjustment.

  1. It means that you’re tired of screwing up.
  2. It means that you stop excusing away your weaknesses.
  3. It means that you’re angry that you’re getting beat by your competitors.
  4. It means that you are eager to try again.
  5. It means that you find a way to get better. It means that you’re putting in every ounce of extra effort you have.
  6. It means that you get pushed down but don’t stay there.

That’s what “fire in the belly” means.

It’s not a sometime thing.  It’s an “all the time” thing.  An attitude of being invincible. Unstoppable.

Not perfect.  Not powerful.

Just determined.

Business owners look for this quality when hiring staff. If you demonstrate the passion, the positive can-do attitude and motivation, you are bound to stand out from the rest of the crowd!

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