Podcast : ‘Dare to Care’ with Colin Wilson and Susan Judd

  Colin Wilson, Founder of Keyba Careers, chats with Susan Judd from Dare to Care as part of the Thought Leadership Series.  In this episode Colin discusses career strategies for young people navigating their way into the workplace. Dare To Care is focused on building future work skills in our Next Generation, working with students, […]

What not to do when applying for a job!

It can be challenging for young people to get to first base when looking for work. There is a fair bit of information you can search to help you with tips on what you should do when applying for a job. But equally important, here are 7 tips on what not to do! Don’t lie […]

The Pressure of Finding Your Path After High School

Written by Carina Wilson, Keyba Careers. 20-year old student, juggling part-time and casual work, plus uni. Completed VCE in 2017.   The questions we all hate being asked, “What are you doing next year? Are you going to uni?” This question pops up in just about every conversation you have, and by the 700th time […]

Are you looking for a Work Placement for Structured Workplace Learning?

Are you looking for a Work Placement or Work Experience? Are you undertaking a VET program as part of your VCE or VCAL studies? You may be required to work with a host employer to complete a mandatory number of hours of Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). Or are you independently seeking work experience, to gain a […]

How to Cut Through the Challenges to Enter the Workforce!

As 2018 draws to an end, many Australian and International Students are completing their university degree or studies. Now their next challenge is: how do they cut through the vast array of applicants who are also looking to enter the workforce? It is no secret that it’s becoming harder for millennials to find full-time employment […]

The Future Skills Required in Today’s Workforce

The Future Workforce of Australia With emerging technologies and expansion of globalisation, the structure of the future workforce can only be anticipated. Many university degrees, qualifications, trades, forms of labour and certain job roles will soon become non-existent. It is with the uncertain market of the future that has changed the way in which employers […]

Fire-in-the-belly – do you have this?

“Often times you’ll hear someone make a comment about needing more “fire in the belly”.  And we all understand what it means.

More passion.  More fight.  More emotional investment.

It’s about an extra inner drive.