How to Cut Through the Challenges to Enter the Workforce!

As 2018 draws to an end, many Australian and International Students are completing their university degree or studies. Now their next challenge is: how do they cut through the vast array of applicants who are also looking to enter the workforce?

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It is no secret that it’s becoming harder for millennials to find full-time employment in the career of their choice. In a recent report ‘Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work’ by Mitchell Institute, research shows that the average transition time from education to full-time work is now 4.7 years (Foundation for Young Australians, 2018), compared to one year in 1986. So how does a young person survive after completing their studies?


The Changing Employment Landscape

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The employment landscape is changing. If a student is able to go straight to full-time work after completing their education, then they are one of the fortunate ones. But what about the students that are left behind, trying to figure it out and struggling to find employment? Where does the responsibility lie? Is it in the Universities, TAFEs, RTOs or Secondary Schools that they have attended? Is it their parents or guardians? Or is it the students themselves who must take ownership to start networking their way into future opportunities for their destiny?


In my opinion, it’s a combination of all.
However, do millennials of today have the skill sets to network and professionally sell themselves in an interview? Based on my 11 years in the HR and recruitment industry, I believe students and all jobs seekers need to develop these skill sets and capabilities to enable them to succeed in the future workforce.


Employers looking for young talent

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There are many industry organisations seeking key staff members to help them grow their business.  They are looking for millennials who demonstrate the required skills sets, passion and attitude to help them grow their organisation. We now live in a more competitive, globalised world than ever before, and diversity with talent is what makes an organisation stay ahead of its competitors. There is a shift in our industry; so potential employers are now looking for young talent that have the necessary skills to be effective in the workplace. These young people need to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing work environment and emerging technologies. This shift will pose a great challenge for young job seekers as employers are now looking at different skill-sets other than education alone. For more information about the future skills required in today’s workforce, Read More >>


Keyba Careers Short Online Course Preparing You for the Workforce


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If these students were well-equipped with great tips and insight into the recruitment process when applying for a job, imagine how well they could perform in that interview room for the first time to start the journey of a new career. How can we help them succeed?

Keyba Careers has developed a short, online training program targeted for Australian and International Students. The Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement program has been trialled and tested and includes the following online lessons, making it the perfect resource for today’s younger, tech savvy generation.




The course includes the following lessons, and the first lesson is FREE!

  • Lesson 1 – How to get a Job
  • Lesson 2 – Understanding Business in Today’s World
  • Lesson 3 – Understanding What Customer Service Is
  • Lesson 4 – Having A Good Sales Approach
  • Lesson 5 – How to Sell Yourself Over the Phone
  • Lesson 6 – Understanding the Recruitment Process
  • Lesson 7 – Developing Your Career Plan

At Keyba Careers, our point of difference is providing young people insight into the Australian workplace from an employer’s perspective. Our program has a 75% success rate of young people finding a job of their choice. We teach young people what employers are looking for from their staff and, more importantly, we give young people the tips to help them succeed in the transition to life after school!

If you would like help in the recruitment process or want to know more about Keyba Careers, please visit our website or contact us for more information at Keyba Careers on 1300 4 ADVICE