The Future Skills Required in Today’s Workforce

The Future Workforce of Australia

With emerging technologies and expansion of globalisation, the structure of the future workforce can only be anticipated. Many university degrees, qualifications, trades, forms of labour and certain job roles will soon become non-existent.

It is with the uncertain market of the future that has changed the way in which employers are now recruiting into their business. Business owners are now looking at different aspects of a possible candidate other than their qualifications alone. Employers are now looking for the necessary skills required for a candidate to be effective in the workplace and adapt to this ever-changing work environment.

The shift in industry and the future skills required in today’s workforce

Employers now list the most desirable skills as:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social and digital fluency
  • Resilience

The above skills are very thought-provoking, demonstrating the changes taking place in our business landscape. So how does a young Australian or International Student adapt to these changes? How can they prepare themselves for an interview, to land that job opportunity? How do they present and sell themselves better than other candidates applying for the same position? What is the point of difference that they can bring to the table, to contribute to the organisation they are so eager to join? Many young people feel that now they have completed their education their ideal employer is waiting for them and they should be recruited, wanting the dollars to go with it! In reality, the integration from study to the workforce can be challenging!

Transitioning into the Workforce

If a student is not job ready in the way they present and package themselves, then transitioning into the job market will be tough. If they want to get the job of their choice, then they need to be 100% committed to make it happen for themselves. Students need to understand what their next potential employer wants and is looking for in staff. As a new candidate applying for a job, they need to be well ahead of their competitors.

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