Keyba Careers at Baimbridge College, Hamilton Victoria

We are thrilled that the Year 9 and 10 students of  Baimbridge College are using the Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program as part of their Careers subject. Earlier this month, Colin and Lorraine Wilson, the Founders of Keyba Careers, had the honour of being guest speakers to present to the Year 10 students of Baimbridge […]

The Importance Of Showing Customer Service Skills In A Job Interview

All businesses rely on their customers to help keep them going. Paying customers keeps staff paid and helps the business grow. No customers, no business.  For this reason, providing excellent customer service to our clients is crucial. In business, we want our clients to return to purchase more products or services. This is called repeat […]

How to Demonstrate Your Soft Skills

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be for young people who are looking for a job, particularly when they are entering the workforce, having completed a course or degree in a specific field, especially when employers ask for applicants to have relevant work experience. The good news is that employers place a high […]

8 Steps on How to Sell Yourself to Get a Job

  It’s time to stand out from the crowd! Whether you like it or not, you need to sell yourself in your cover letter, resume, and job interview when you’re applying for a job. Your application needs to grab the attention of recruiters to increase your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. You need to make […]

How to Follow-up on a Job Opportunity

So, you’ve gone to a lot of effort to submit a great application for a job that sounds amazing, and it would be the perfect opportunity to start your career. The only problem is you have not heard back from them, and you’re wondering if they will contact you to arrange an interview. Perhaps you […]

Five Places to Look For a Job

  Summer holidays are almost over, and soon, we’ll be back to reality. What now? If you’ve decided that you are not going back to school, university, further studies or training courses and finding a job is on your agenda, you need to know where to look to find a job. The thing to remember […]

What Employers Are Looking For

  With the end of the year only weeks away, January is often a time for recharging the batteries, self-reflection and setting new goals for the new year. With the challenges we’ve had this past year, there is no denying we are all looking forward to a promising 2022, filled with good experiences and new […]

Example Position Descriptions

  Have you ever applied for a job or thought about a certain profession but you’re not sure of the duties, responsibilities or expectations involved? When employers advertise a role, they will provide an overview in the ad, but they may not always provide a detailed job or position description upfront.     We have […]

7 Positive Body Language Tips To Help You In Your Next Job Interview

The way you present yourself might be the difference between getting that ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ at a job interview.  Throughout an interview, not only will you be evaluated on your verbal communication, but the interviewer will also be reading your body language and making assessments based on the nonverbal signals. The signals shown through your […]

World Mental Health Month

Look after your mental health, Australia. October 10th is World Mental Health Day and the theme for WMHD in Australia this year is: “Look after your mental health, Australia”. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for so many people on different levels, particularly for managing our mental health. Good mental health is when […]

7 Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

The first essential step towards a successful interview is your preparation. The short time you spend in an interview can dramatically impact whether you get the job and your career prospects. That’s why it’s so important to perform at your best and leave a great first impression. In today’s world, during this pandemic, it is […]

Top Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Have you ever been asked during an interview “Do you have any questions?” This is your time to take power and demonstrate your interest and initiative. An interview is truly just a conversation and should be a two-way street. As much as the interviewer is trying to establish if you’re a good fit for the […]

How to Stand Out in an Interview

Congratulations, you’ve made the short-list and scored yourself an interview! Well done, give yourself a pat on the back. It can be a tough gig to even make it this far. But now for the next stage – The Interview! Every single person is unique, with different skills sets and strengths to offer. We don’t […]

7 Tips to Help you get a Job

This article originally featured in the Spring Edition 2020 of the YouthWise Magazine, written by Lorraine Wilson, Co-Founder Keyba Careers.   Finding employment is challenging. Unfortunately COVID-19 has only made the job market more competitive and harder to get into. We get it. The whole job seeking process can seem daunting and overwhelming. The reality […]

Podcast : ‘Dare to Care’ with Colin Wilson and Susan Judd

  Colin Wilson, Founder of Keyba Careers, chats with Susan Judd from Dare to Care as part of the Thought Leadership Series.  In this episode Colin discusses career strategies for young people navigating their way into the workplace. Dare To Care is focused on building future work skills in our Next Generation, working with students, […]

What not to do when applying for a job!

It can be challenging for young people to get to first base when looking for work. There is a fair bit of information you can search to help you with tips on what you should do when applying for a job. But equally important, here are 7 tips on what not to do! Don’t lie […]

How to Get a Job!

Finding a job isn’t always easy! It takes time and patience to find the right job for you. Before you start looking for employment, you must first determine what you’re passionate about or at least start with a job that you think you will enjoy. When it comes to finding a job, it’s important that […]

The Pressure of Finding Your Path After High School

Written by Carina Wilson, Keyba Careers. 20-year old student, juggling part-time and casual work, plus uni. Completed VCE in 2017.   The questions we all hate being asked, “What are you doing next year? Are you going to uni?” This question pops up in just about every conversation you have, and by the 700th time […]

Are you looking for a Work Placement for Structured Workplace Learning?

Are you looking for a Work Placement or Work Experience? Are you undertaking a VET program as part of your VCE or VCAL studies? You may be required to work with a host employer to complete a mandatory number of hours of Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). Or are you independently seeking work experience, to gain a […]

Wyndham Learning Festival – ‘The Future of Work’ : Panel Discussion

As part of Wyndham Learning Festival, Wyndham City Council invited a panel of experts from business, government and education to share their thoughts on the future of employment. Key Business Advisors and Keyba Careers were part of this event held at Werribee Plaza Library on the 6th of September, 2019. Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business […]

Doing Unscored VCE? This course can help you become job-ready!

According to a research conducted by a leading psychologist, ‘VCE could make depression, anxiety worse among kids as the exams coincide with teenagers when they are most vulnerable.’ With the rising rates of anxiety some students are seeking alternative pathways such as ‘Unscored VCE’, to deal with exam stress. Studies have shown that a good […]

YouthNow at the Victorian Learn Local Awards 2019

Learn Local providers across Victoria offer a wide range of training programs to meet the learning needs of individuals. They have been instrumental in transforming lives through quality education and training specially designed to their needs. The Victorian Learn local Awards are held annually to recognise the efforts of people that ‘transforms lives through community […]

Youth Unemployment in Australia

Finding a job after finishing high school or university is becoming more competitive due to the changing landscape of work. In today’s world, millennials are more educated, tech savvy and connected than ever before but even those with university degrees are struggling to find employment… So, what does this mean for those young people who […]

The Brainary – The Human Rights Game

Our friends and clients of Key Business Advisors, The Brainary, have released a new children’s game which focuses on teaching human rights at a young age.  In a world that is more connected than ever before as a result of globalisation, this game could not be timelier. Founder of the Brainary and creator of this […]

Resumes – What NOT to Do!

Having a good resume is extremely important when looking for a job, however, would you believe that many people struggle to write a good resume. There are so many different formulas of what people suggest is the right or wrong way when creating a resume however, one thing for sure, is that there are definitely […]

Brimbank Careers Fair 2019

This year’s Brimbank Careers Fair was a huge success, with over 1,500 students attending the annual event! The Brimbank Careers Fair has been designed to help young students begin their transition into the workforce by showcasing employment, training, apprenticeship and career opportunities. Keyba Careers was lucky enough to be a part of the Careers Fair […]

Getting Prepared and Ready to Enter the Workforce!

Every young person, from early school leavers to Post-Graduates, is looking to start their journey in life by getting full-time employment. The big question is, are you prepared and ready to enter the workforce? Many Australian and International Students are trying to work out their career plan for when they finish their studies. How can […]

How to Get a Job in Hospitality

If you would like to get a job in hospitality, whether it’s in a fast-food restaurant or cafe or if it’s a full time or part time role, then you need to prepare yourself with a strategy to get your foot in the door for an interview. The hospitality industry can be a very rewarding industry […]

How to Get a Job at Telstra, the Largest Telco in Australia

If you would like to get a job within an organisation like Telstra and work for Australia’s Largest Telco, then you need to prepare yourself with a strategy to get your foot in the door for an interview. Telstra is a company that offers many young people, like yourself, the opportunity to work in a […]

Top 11 Interview Questions

We don’t always know what questions we may get asked in an interview, but we highly recommend being prepared and think in advance about what you would say in an interview. To get you started, we have put together the top 11 interview questions below:   Tell me a bit about yourself This is a […]

‘Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work.’ Report by Mitchell Institute

“Every school student in Australia can benefit from regular opportunities to engage meaningfully with the world of work across their years of schooling.” -Kate Torii. A report by Mitchell Institute,  ‘Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work’ is a must read. The findings within this report highlight the challenges that our younger generation are facing in terms […]

A New Way of Recruiting for Business Owners

Hiring the perfect young person to start out in your business can be extremely beneficial as young people can become loyal, valuable employees, bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm into your business. The challenge however, is finding that right young person who is the perfect fit to be your next performing star. That’s where the Keyba […]

How to Write a Good Resume

The recruitment process is becoming tougher and tougher to break through as there is a growing amount of people looking for employment! That is why it is important that your resume stands out from the rest to ensure that you have the best chance possible to break through the crowd and make it to the […]

What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

When you’re in an interview applying for a job, there will be questions such as: what does customer service mean to you? When you are applying for a job in retail, customer service or any other occupation where you have contact with the public or businesses, an interviewer will be eager to find out how […]

How to Deal with Irate or Angry Customers?

 Dealing with Difficult Customers In business, you must know how to deal with all types of customers in an endeavour to keep them. Excellent customer service involves having a well-prepared plan that provides customers with options to meet their expectations and needs. When a customer is angry, frustrated and demanding immediate action, it is extremely […]

How to Cut Through the Challenges to Enter the Workforce!

As 2018 draws to an end, many Australian and International Students are completing their university degree or studies. Now their next challenge is: how do they cut through the vast array of applicants who are also looking to enter the workforce? It is no secret that it’s becoming harder for millennials to find full-time employment […]

The Future Skills Required in Today’s Workforce

The Future Workforce of Australia With emerging technologies and expansion of globalisation, the structure of the future workforce can only be anticipated. Many university degrees, qualifications, trades, forms of labour and certain job roles will soon become non-existent. It is with the uncertain market of the future that has changed the way in which employers […]

What is a Cover Letter?

In Lesson 6 of the Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program, we give you a step by step breakdown of the recruitment process,so you gain a better understanding of how it works and what you need to do to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. We also provide you with the ‘Must Do’s’ list […]

What is the Difference Between Casual and Part-Time?

Do you know the difference between casual and part-time work? I spoke with a young person recently who is looking for work outside school hours. I asked her how she went after submitting her resume and application at a large retail organisation. She said that she received an email requesting an interview for a casual […]

Top 12 Interview Tips

Preparation is key for a successful interview. Here are our tips to assist you for your interview: DO YOUR RESEARCH Do your research about the company. Google the company and find out what they do and who they are. What is their culture, their vision and mission statement? Doing your homework will assist you to […]

Tips on applying for a job

A well-prepared resume and an accompanying cover letter, speak volumes. How good are yours? Does your cover letter: Demonstrate that you have read the job ad thoroughly and researched the company you are keen to work for? Show that you have a strong interest in the role? Highlight your experience, skills set, competencies and behaviours […]

Fire-in-the-belly – do you have this?

“Often times you’ll hear someone make a comment about needing more “fire in the belly”.  And we all understand what it means.

More passion.  More fight.  More emotional investment.

It’s about an extra inner drive.