Doing Unscored VCE? This course can help you become job-ready!

According to a research conducted by a leading psychologist, ‘VCE could make depression, anxiety worse among kids as the exams coincide with teenagers when they are most vulnerable.’

With the rising rates of anxiety some students are seeking alternative pathways such as ‘Unscored VCE’, to deal with exam stress. Studies have shown that a good percentage of students are now opting in to do ‘Unscored VCE’ and it only reflects how as a society we are acknowledging the pressure and anxiety that children go through during exams.’ This is a great pathway for someone that’s not keen to go to university and Uni degrees are no ticket to full-time employment.’

Securing a full-time/part-time employment becomes the next stressful thing for students not going to university. It can be daunting if they are unsure of what they are getting themselves into.

The ABS data show that more than 264,000 young people aged between 15 and 24 are unemployed across Australia. And often we find that the students that are looking to plunge into the workforce right after school are not always job ready. Having recruited for diverse roles over the past 11 years, Key Business Advisors have identified the gaps that are leading to unemployment in youth. Although it’s true that the skills shortage is the reason why younger adults are unemployed, we have identified key capabilities that are in demand in today’s workforce that most students lack. With this being identified, we have packaged a short crash course to help younger adults prepare for the workforce. This course will cover various aspects of the recruitment process that will make them job-ready.

Carina Wilson, our Brand Ambassador, completed her scored VCE in 2017. With a passion for retail, she started applying for jobs at leading fashion stores in Melbourne. Carina shares her reflections on the ‘Employer Engagement program’ and how it helped her land the job of her dreams:

“I had anxiety leading up to my interview and I wasn’t sure about the kind of questions they would ask me. After completing this program, I found myself so much at ease. Preparation is key and it’s important to present yourself well. This short course could be the make or break to your desired career. You instantly gain confidence and it could be the thing that makes you stand-out in a group/phone interview”.

The ‘Employer Engagement Program’ can be of great value to students who are taking the plunge into workforce after school. Broken down into 7 modules, the program will cover topics such as : Understanding business needs, Sales approach, Phone interviews, Group interviews, Resume building, LinkedIn profiling and Customer service. Inorder to make the learning process engaging and fun for students, we have packaged this course with workbook activities and recommended exercises. Students that complete this course successfully, will receive a certificate of completion from KeybaCareers.

Whether you’re doing Unscored/Scored VCE, Register to this program and become job-ready.

Note: If you’re suffering from anxiety/depression or know someone that is suffering. Please Reach out.