Wyndham Learning Festival – ‘The Future of Work’ : Panel Discussion

As part of Wyndham Learning Festival, Wyndham City Council invited a panel of experts from business, government and education to share their thoughts on the future of employment. Key Business Advisors and Keyba Careers were part of this event held at Werribee Plaza Library on the 6th of September, 2019.

Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors, presented the key skills that is in demand now and in the future. Having worked with SMEs and corporates from diverse industry backgrounds for 11 years, Coilin Wilson has acquired the knowledge on the key capabilities that employers are looking for.

The objective of the event was to help ‘school leavers, families and everyone seeking a career change’ to get an insight into what the future workforce look like.

Other speakers for the evening included Wyndham City Council Talent Acquisition Lead Aaron Hussey, Creative Director of Light and Glo Designs Dr Suji Sanjeevan, University of Melbourne Associate Professor Dan Woodman, Business Development Manager of AVA Services Group Antoinette Fava and Director and Co-founder, Hoodic Silva Wei.

With younger people taking up to 4.7 years to transition from education to a full-time work in Australia, Colin Wilson emphasised on the importance of developing soft skills. He said being enthusiastic about the job and having the right attitude and passion for the industry can help people stand-out during an interview.

Dr. Suji Sanjeevan, 2018 Wyndham Young Businessperson of the Year and Creative Director, Light and Glo Designs highlighted her experience leaving her profession as a doctor and setting up her own candle business. In her speech, the medical professional turned entrepreneur encouraged the audience to pursue their dreams and follow their passion. Focussing on the strengths and making an impact were Suji’s advice to the gen next. She pointed out that the knowledge she acquired at the university helped her understand the science of scents, which she believes was valuable during her entrepreneurial journey.

Associate Professor Dan Woodman, University of Melbourne, spoke about his research on young people and transitions to workforce. With automation taking over the jobs, he advised youngsters not to panic as he believes technological advancements would only lead up to more job opportunities in the future. On speaking about young people, he said global Millennials value working benefits such as training and development, flexibility and cash bonuses the most. He envisions the future of work to be a mix of soft skills and technical skills.

The evening ended with Q&A opportunity for the Job seekers with the panellists. Keyba Careers was present at the event to provide hands on information about training opportunities available for job seekers.

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