How to Get a Job at Telstra, the Largest Telco in Australia

If you would like to get a job within an organisation like Telstra and work for Australia’s Largest Telco, then you need to prepare yourself with a strategy to get your foot in the door for an interview. Telstra is a company that offers many young people, like yourself, the opportunity to work in a challenging, rewarding and fast-paced environment.


There have been many young people who have started their career working for Telstra in a retail or business environment. These young people have progressed to become future leaders and then worked their way up to be given management roles and other fantastic opportunities within the organisation. On top of this, you can travel and get a job anywhere in the world if you work for a well-known corporation like Telstra.

What do I need to do?

The goal is to get that first interview opportunity and know your self-worth so you can demonstrate this to the interviewer. Companies like Telstra want to invest in young people because they have the gift of understanding today’s technology. Imagine a job where you were surrounded with likeminded people who love technology, enjoy interacting with one another to deliver on customer needs whilst working with the latest technology.

When applying for jobs, it’s important to ask yourself, ‘What can I offer the employer?’. To land an interview you need to demonstrate why Telstra should choose you over the many other candidates that they are presented with.

Some key things to focus on are:

  • A tailored resume (See our resume tips!) and cover letter  showcasing why you make the perfect fit for Telstra
  • Demonstrate what characteristics and traits you have that would allow you to perform in the role
  • Properly read the job ad and make sure you meet the requirements to apply for the job and if you don’t, give a valid explanation as to why they should still consider you
  • Prepare for the interview! For more on interviews, see our Top 12 Interview Tips and our Top 11 Interview Questions with tips on how to answer them.

Telstra pride themselves on working with the newest and latest technology through fast internet. They are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic staff who are driven to achieve good outcomes and results. Telstra offer great returns with ongoing training to build a fulfilling career and in some areas, they offer great incentives and rewards.

What Telstra can offer you?

  • A great way to start your career
  • In an industry of the future – technology
  • Working with the very latest technology
  • In a fun, positive working environment
  • They offer fantastic opportunities, and have fabulous company events
  • Be provided with continuous training to up-skill yourself
  • Opportunities to be promoted from within

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? If so, learn more about what soft skills you need to make it at Telstra.

Log into their career page and have a look at their Careers Page. If you work in a regional area of Australia, then contact Keyba Careers, we will try and connect you with a privately owned Telstra Store within your regional area. Call 1300-4-ADVICE

What can Keyba Careers do to help you?

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Telstra are always looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals with the ability to create great energy with both the team and customers. To give yourself the best chance and to discover our tips and strategies, complete the Keyba Careers “Employer Engagement Program”. This short crash course is targeted for young people like yourself to take advantage of job opportunities. Learn about the interview process and what it takes to get a job with Telstra. Register Today!