What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

When you're in an interview applying for a job, there will be questions such as: what does customer service mean to you?

Perhaps there'll also be questions like: can you give me an example of great customer service and poor customer service?

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You need to demonstrate that you understand what customer service is and why it is so important to provide excellent
service to their customers. Not only that, you need to show your potential employer, how you would provide excellent customer service to ensure their customers continue to come back and therefore help keep them in business.

Be prepared and give live examples where possible. You need to be a good story teller and provide good examples that demonstrate you have experienced this personally and are not just using a hypothetical response.
Let your potential employer know what you could do for their customers, such as engaging with them, let them know what you can do for them, and ask the right questions for better customer engagement.

You need to demonstrate that you will:

  1. Be focused on being customer service-driven and a great team member to support others
  2. Have a can-do attitude at all times to serve customers, and be confident and passionate about helping them
  3. Be focused on listening to the customers' needs or issues
  4. Explain how you can read the customer and demonstrate initiative to take control
  5. Want to learn and understand every step of the sales process in their business / organisation, including objection handling to help close more sales
  6. Make customers want to continue coming back to you
  7. Create advocates for the business / organisation to build repeat business and referrers
  8. Always follow up on your customers for certainty
  9. Where irate customers are concerned, always seek help to attempt to convert them back to a happy customer
  10. Let them know you aim to please every customer in their business because you understand the value of a customer and what they bring to a business's performance.


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